Getting started

Start where you are now with an eye to where you want to go

"Getting going then get good"  

Make some changes...

Why have I written this post so many times? Where I talk about my goal is to write more and yet in a month there's probably no other posts on the blog. I think there's a break in process and motivation.

My motivation for want to have a blog has never really been noble. I thought of writing as a way to further my career. I should write so I can get on the radar of a FAANG company and it will be easier for me to get an interview.  Or I thought my writing would be so good that maybe I'd be thought leader and go around to the various conferences to speaking about my insights into tech and business.

These are dumb aims even looking at the two

they don't provide value to anyone else. am i trying to fake it till i make it. they aren't my truth

In terms of process

If anyone has a question on if they have a good writing process. Watch a journalist work. My wife went to the best journalism school in the country how she writes is a systematic and delivers consistent quality over and over again.

Separate drafting and editing. Waiting to become good at both of these things at once or before you hit publish is a recipe for never publishing something.

How might this time be different?

The focus of this my writing isn't going to prove how smart and special I am. Instead its going to me writing out the lessons and things on my journey to be a "world-class product leader" I'm nowhere near that goal right now. In fact I'm roughly say I'm behind the curve. I'm not a young and at the start of my career with all the enjoy and lack of commitments that might make an audacious goal like this not seem like a moonshot. instead this will be about where I am not on my journey. the lesson, questions, interest and rabbit holes I go on in pursuit of this goal.

My audience will really be me writing to past me. What did I need to hear? How could it be distilled in a way that I would be able to relate to? My assumption is I'm not really that unique and there are other people who are where I am might find value my journey.

Better process:

First make writing a post part of my weekly routine. Every Saturday morning I'll sit and writing my draft post. I can control this time frame pretty well and it will not be a crazy schedule that I won't be able to keep going. After the draft is done I'm just going to publish it as is.

At this point I'll really just focus on writing drafts and publishing what I have. This is to combat my habit of not publishing something because its not good enough. It will also let me focus on getting better at getting thoughts out of my head and onto the page.

Later I can get better at taking those thoughts a crafting them into more coherent pieces.

With this in mind, let's publish this and see where we end up regardless counting this as a win.

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